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Maintenance of Power Distribution Equipment

May. 27, 2022

The power distribution room is a power supply system used to step down the high voltage through the transformer to the voltage level required by the user and is equipped with protection, metering and distribution in a comprehensive indoor system, generally configured with power transformers, high voltage distribution cabinets, low voltage distribution cabinets, cables and so on. Maintenance is an essential part of the life cycle operation of power distribution equipment, and is one of the daily tasks of Shun Tong Electric's operation and maintenance, which is an important means to effectively extend the service life of the equipment. From the time the equipment is put into operation after the break-in period, the maintenance plan of the distribution equipment should be formulated to check and timely deal with the hidden problems of the distribution equipment, to meet the equipment operating under good conditions, to ensure the performance of the equipment and to ensure safe operation.


Medium-voltage switchgear

Medium-voltage switchgear is one of the equipment in the field of power distribution, which is used in large quantity and wide range. Its operation will cause the occurrence of switchgear failure due to aging of insulation parts, poor contact, misoperation, inaccurate parameter setting, etc. These problems often interrupt the safe production work of enterprises.


Maintenance of Power Distribution Equipment


Bokong electric operation and maintenance personnel often conduct regular comprehensive inventory of the breaker room, bus bar room, cable room, instrument room, pressure relief channel, etc., to enhance the operational performance and avoid faults in order to maintain the good working condition of the medium-voltage cabinet. The common maintenance items of medium voltage cabinet are as follows.

● Switchgear cabinet cleaning and maintenance 

● Main switch cleaning and maintenance 

● Mutual transformer inspection 

● Grounding switch inspection 

● Lightning arrester inspection 

● Instrument room inspection 

● Five-proof interlocking inspection


Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Vacuum circuit breaker is the main switchgear in the power system and one of the main protection appliances in the system. When the power system is in normal operation, the vacuum circuit breaker can cut off and connect the no-load and load currents of the line and various electrical equipment; when a fault occurs in the power system, the vacuum circuit breaker and relay protection cooperate to quickly remove the fault current and prevent the expansion of the accident. As a new generation of advanced switchgear is gradually being widely used, with its increased application, defects and failures are inevitable, often due to the operating mechanism and transmission system mechanism card, damage, deformation and other types of failure.


Maintenance of Power Distribution Equipment


At present, there are a variety of vacuum circuit breaker failures, in order to make the vacuum circuit breaker work reliably, Shun Tong electrical equipment management personnel to strengthen the daily inspection and maintenance work, timely detection and problem solving, to avoid the occurrence of losses. Common maintenance items of vacuum circuit breaker are as follows. 


● General inspection, mechanical part inspection, electrical part inspection 

● Maintenance of mechanism 

● Manual test of circuit breaker 

● Mechanical characteristics test of circuit breaker 

● Vacuum bubble vacuum test of circuit breaker 

● Plummer contact pressure test 

● Five-proof interlocking inspection 


Low-voltage switchgear

Low-voltage switchgear often has abnormal heat, vibration, loss and tripping, which accelerates the aging of equipment and affects the quality and safety of electricity. Capacitor cabinets also have a high frequency of component damage, is the most affected areas of explosion and combustion.


Maintenance of Power Distribution Equipment


Our professional operation and maintenance operators do regular and meticulous cleaning and inspection of low-voltage cabinets to improve the insulation and protection performance and avoid most of the failures. Common maintenance items of low-voltage switchgear are as follows.

● Grounding part inspection 

● Cleaning and cleaning of electrical safety parts 

● Inspection of electrical parts inside the cabinet 

● Deep professional inspection of capacitor cabinet 

● Secondary circuit inspection of capacitor cabinet 

● Capacitance value test


Electricity occupies an important position in the economic development, which guarantees the electricity needs of production and life and is an important support industry for economic development. Distribution equipment as an important link to transmit power to thousands of households, do a good job of equipment overhaul and maintenance of power distribution operation is the key to ensure the normal transportation of electricity. 

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Maintenance of Power Distribution Equipment

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