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The casting coil of SCB10 Dry Type Power Transformer is filled with short glass filaments and adopts a segmented circular structure and axial air channel in the coil to improve heat dissipation conditions. The scientific pouring molding process ensures the resin fully penetrates between turns, layers and segments to ensure its electrical insulation strength and less partial discharge value.

    Product Description

    SC(B)10 Dry Type Power Transformer

    The casting coil of this product is filled with short glass filaments and adopts a segmented circular structure, and an axial air channel is arranged inside the coil to improve heat dissipation conditions. The scientific pouring molding process can ensure that the resin fully penetrates between turns, layers and segments to ensure the electrical insulation strength of the product and less partial discharge value (≤5pcl).

    How to prevent the cracking of the resin cast body, control the generation of residual bubbles in the cast body, and reduce the partial discharge to the minimum limit has always been a major issue for dry transformer manufacturers at home and abroad, and is the key manufacturing technology of resin cast dry type transformers.

    Through repeated production practices and frequent physical and chemical experiments, our company has successfully solved this cutting-edge problem, so that the tensile strength of our company's thin insulating vacuum casting products filled with short glass filaments has increased to 170N/mm'. The bending strength is increased to 220N/mm'. The mechanical properties of the solidified resin are improved as a whole.


    Main Features of SC(B)10 Dry Type Power Transformer

    ? Technical standards: IEC 60076-1-5, IEC 61378-1:1997, JB/T 8636-1997, GB 1094.11-2007, GB 1094,1-2013

    ? Rated capacity: 30-5000kVA

    ? Voltage grade: 10kV, 20kV, 35kV, etc

    ? Voltage regulation method: Non-excited or loaded

    ? Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz

    ? Phase: three phase 

    ? Connection: Y, yn0, D, yn11, and etc.

    ? Cooling type: AN(Automatic cooling) or AF(Wind cooling)

    ? Insulation grade: F

    ? Protection grade: IP00, IP20(indoor), IP23(outdoor)

    ? Conditions of Use:

    The altitude is less than 1000 meters and the ambient temperature is not higher than 40 degrees Celsius. Above the above range, technical adjustments should be made in accordance with the standards.

    Dry Type Power Supply Transformer



    Features of Dry Type Power Transformer 15kva 100kva 1000kva

    With the advanced technology brought in from averseas,we developed SC10,SCB10 series and SC11,SCB11 series padding thin-insulation dry-type distributing transformer whose winding is sealed up with epoxy,therefore the resin insulating dry-type transformer is flame-retardant,explosion-proof,free from maintenance and pollution,and it is compacted and can go deep into load center.

    Besides, with scientific and reasonable design and coating craftwork,The product has a small partial discharge, low noise and strong heat dissipation capability. It can be operated for a long time under 140% rated load under forced air cooling conditions, and is equipped with an intelligent temperature controller with fault alarm, over temperature alarm and over temperature trip. And the black box function, and connected to the computer through the RS485 serial interface, can be centralized monitoring and control.

    Bokrelec dry type power transformers are widely used in transmission and transformation point systems, such as hotels, restaurants, airports, high-rise buildings, commercial centers, residential quarters and other important places, as well as subways, smelting power plants, ships, marine drilling platforms and other environmentally harsh places.

    ?  Iron core

    The iron core is made of imported high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, which is fully connected with oblique seam structure. The core column is banded with F-grade non-weft adhesive tape. The surface of the core is encapsulated with epoxy resin, which reduces the no-load loss, no-load current and core noise. Parts and fasteners are specially surface treated to further improve the appearance quality of the product.

    ?   High voltage winding

    The high-voltage winding is vacuum-cast with filled epoxy resin, which greatly reduces the partial discharge and improves the electrical strength of the coil. The inner and outer walls of the winding are filled with glass fiber mesh plates, which enhances the mechanical strength of the coil and improves the product against sudden short circuit. The ability of the coil will never crack.


    Installation Size

    SC(B)10 Dry Type Power Transformer

    SC(B)10 Dry Type Power Transformer