Drawout Type Vacuum Contactor

Drawout Type Vacuum Contactor

Vacuum contactor is an electrically controlled switch that is used to make or break an electrical circuit with the help of vacuum interrupter, relay and fuse. It is mainly found in motor starters, switchgear and control gear of medium voltage fast switching devices.


Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactor

Medium voltage vacuum contactor is compatible with all of switchgear assemblies from Bokr Elec. These contactors are ideal for full or reduced voltage of squirrel-cage induction motors, wound-rotor motors and synchronous motors and for power supply and capacitor switching. They are especially suitable for heavy-load applications and harsh environments such as in paper-making, mining, petrol chemical, automotive, and other industries. 

AC vacuum contactors utilize vacuum bottle encapsulated contacts to suppress arcing. This arc suppression allows contacts to be much smaller and use less space than air-break contacts at high currents. Since the contacts are encapsulated, vacuum contactors are quite widely used in harsh environments such as mining.

Drawout medium voltage vacuum contactor are only suitable for AC systems. The AC arc created when the contacts open will self-extinguish when the current waveform crosses zero, and the vacuum prevents the arc from retriggering on the open contacts. Therefore, vacuum contactors are very efficient at breaking arc energy and are used when relatively fast switching is required, as the maximum opening time is determined by the periodicity of the AC waveform.



As one of MV vacuum contactor manufacturers in China, Bokr Elec always focus on providing high quality medium voltage vacuum contactor to customers from worldwide. We try our best to satisfy our customers with our best quality products and services. Contact us to get more professional assistance from us today!

Drawout Type Vacuum Contactor

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