Mini Compact Prefabrication Substation

Mini Compact Prefabrication Substation

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Mini Compact Prefabrication Substation

Mini Prefabricated Substation

Mini Prefabricated substations are prefabricated electrical equipment units that include medium voltage and medium voltage switchgear, power and distribution transformers, low voltage switchboards, connection busbars, and other accessories.


What Is Mini Prefabricated Substation?

The mini prefabricated substation can be explained as a group of electrical equipment that is assembled on a trailer or platform. To ensure that a compact substation is capable of fully energizing upon its delivery to the required site, it is integrated and thoroughly tested in a factory environment. As compared to a conventional substation, a compact substation offer more advantages such as decreased construction duration, reduced space requirements, and enhanced safety.


The Advantages Of Mini Prefabricated Substation

What makes Mini Prefabricated Substation such a preferred choice over conventional substation is that it is a complete solution that can easily fit into any configuration as per the requirements of the customer.

• Reduced Overall Costs

Compared to a conventional substation, these units of compact substation are pre-assembled to minimize costs, which will reduce the cost of multiple parts transportation and field wiring as well as on-site testing. The compact substation is designed to speed up the installation process and reduce significant construction time. Moreover, it also make the testing process at the site cost-saving and time-saving.

A Minor Footprint

Compact substation is engineered in a way that they use very little space. And even fitting them in different configurations is not challenging as it is the case with conventional substations. It's easy to be transported to the desired location and additional electrical clearances are not needed with the covered equipment.

Eliminated Environmental Hazards

There is no need to dig the ground for compact substation. As a tamperproof metal container is used to contain the unit, it helps eradicate several environmental threats such as exposed grounding conductors and fencing.

Convenience and Safety

The compact substation unit is compactly built and its mobility provides utmost convenience. What's more, it has safety features such as covered ground conductor, fully contained equipment, built-in oil containment, covered grounded conductors, and very little exposed parts. It provides a hazard-free environment to the fullest.






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Mini Compact Prefabrication Substation


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