Outdoor Ring Main Unit

Outdoor Ring Main Unit

Ring Main Unit for Outdoor

In an electrical power distribution system, an ring main unit (RMU) is a factory assembled, metal enclosed set of switchgear used for outdoor at the load connection points of a ring-type distribution network. It includes in one unit two switches that can connect the load to either or both main conductors, and a fusible switch or circuit breaker and switch that feed a distribution transformer. The metal enclosed unit connects to the transformer either through a bus throat of standardized dimensions, or else through cables and is usually installed outdoors. Ring main cables enter and leave the cabinet. This type of switchgear is used for medium-voltage power distribution.

Ring Main Unit(RMU) for outdoor has low price and good quality which has won good reputation from most of our customers. It honoredly complies IEC / GB standard. It fits for different applications of various configurations and environments.
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Outdoor Ring Main Unit


Function of Ring Main Unit for Outdoor

Normally, an RMU is utilized to enable a fed supply from two directions and tapping of to transformer. One of these supplies might have a number of ring main units in series creating a ring. When a section of the feeder requires being isolated because of work or failure, a ring main unit on every end of this area could be opened without obstructing any supply.

Versatile Applications of RMU Outdoor

In a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from industrial facilities to utility substations, RMUs designed for outdoor use prove their versatility. These units demonstrate unparalleled flexibility and adaptability, catering to diverse power distribution requirements in different settings.

Advantages of Outdoor Ring Main Unit Enclosures

The RMU cabinet is an innovative solution that easily meets the many challenges of power distribution. An RMU is an all-in-one solution because it is a safe switchgear that is easy to install and maintenance-free, helping utilities improve network reliability and uptime and reduce operating costs.

• The service life of the equipment exceeds 20 years.

• Stable operation in any extreme climate conditions.

• Improved protection against magnetizing overload currents, phase-to-phase fault currents, and low-intensity ground currents

• The RMU helps to better coordinate protection with other MV and LV protection equipment.

• Reduced Maintenance and Spare Parts: Today's relays require little maintenance because they are self-testing. Furthermore, the protection circuit can be easily checked during commissioning with simple test equipment.

• Better resistance to harsh environments: The circuit breakers in the RMU cabinet are located in a chamber filled with SF6 gas, so they are not affected by environmental conditions.

• Function-rich compact design: The ring main unit is an SF6 insulated compact switch with SF6 switch circuit breaker and vacuum circuit breaker. Its compact design does not require much space for installation and operation.

• Time saving and low cost: The ring main unit is a complete switchgear, easy to install, saving installation and operation time. These units also have low operating and maintenance costs, regardless of climate and environmental conditions.

• Safety and Performance: The RMU's state-of-the-art compact design and latest technologies ensure complete safety, connectivity, reliability and efficiency.

• Intelligent capability: RMU has intelligent electronics and communication capabilities, and can be easily integrated with power distribution management systems to build smart grid solutions.

• Superior performance of our Weatherproof Ring Main Unit:
With a steadfast commitment to durability, this unit is your assurance of uninterrupted power distribution in the face of varying weather conditions. Engineered with precision, it guarantees reliable operation, whether facing all weather: rain, snow, or extreme temperatures. Our Weather Resistant Ring Main Unit stands as a testament to robust construction, ensuring the security and efficiency of your MV Ring Main Unit for Outdoor Installation, even in the most challenging outdoor environments. Trust in its resilience to meet your diverse needs with unwavering dependability.


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Outdoor Ring Main Unit

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