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Function of Power Meter

The main function of power meter is to measure various power values and power quality parameters, including power plants, harmonics, current/voltage unbalance, etc. Electricity meters can also identify equipment failures, energy waste, and other power quality issues for purposes such as analyzing electricity usage and managing energy usage.


Features of Power Meter

• Measure and display the current, voltage, and power consumption of an electrical circuit. As well as energy consumption over a period of time, such as hourly, daily, or monthly.

• Communicate the measured data to a computer or other device via a wired or wireless connection.

• Store and log data for later analysis and review.

• Set alarms or alerts based on certain power consumption thresholds.

• Compatibility with different types of electrical circuits, such as single phase or three phase.

• Measure and display power quality parameters, such as harmonic distortion or voltage flicker, power factor, reactive power and frequency.


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Power Meter

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